Chris & Karen's Vacation
2002/12/24, Coson Bay, Dominican Republic



Photo Gallery
The El Guatapanal Resort

We start off the pictures of the resort with the front entrance. You've just come driving through a thick brush and all of a sudden, there it is.
Here's a look at the El Guatapanal Resort lobby. I certainly didn't expect to see any coniferous trees in this area. How strange.
Passing through the lobby, we have the pool. It's a quite large and goes from about 2ft deep all the way to about 5ft deep. There is a wading pool at the other end and a nice large swimming area at this side.
You don't have to go far from the pool to the bar. It was only a few steps; hey, even I can handle those reps. I hope I don't wear a path going back and forth for a bath. Okay, I think that's enough.
The buffet restaurant "Free Flow" is right by the pool. You could spend your whole day here because there is everything you need. I think I just might do that.
As you wander around the resort, there are paths everywhere. You just pick one and go see what you can find. You're rarely turn up empty-handed.
We stayed in a one-bedroom villa instead of a hotel room. It was nice to have our own place. Here's a look at what some of them look like.
From the left to the right, this is about how far it is from the villa to the beach. The property was located right off the beach.
Standing at the edge of those villas you just saw, you can see the beach area, and the pizza restaurant on the right. The dive shop is around back.
And here we have it. This is the villa that we stayed in. It's a pretty nice home away from home if you ask me.
Inside our villa, here's a look at the kitchen area. We never actually had to cook, but by golly, we could have.
The other side of the kitchen area had a small table and even an extra sofa-bed.
Looking inside the bedroom area, there is a private balcony and a television for when the weather is bad (unlikely).
Everything is kept neat and tidy every day. By the time you finish your breakfast, your room is made up.
Here's a look directly out to the ocean from the villas. Our was behind the first row, but it was still a very short walk.
This shows you just how absolutely dreadfully far it was to get to the beach. I hope I can make it without a drink. Better not chance it.
On the way back, drink in hand, here's a look the other way. It was hard work to hold the camera and the drink, but I managed.
Here's the pool after dark. Wow, this turned out better than I had expected. I had to lighten the picture a little so it would show up.
Got another shot of the pool here, with the buffet restaurant behind it. This end is the wading part for young kids to enjoy.
And one last shot of the resort grounds. I have to give the maintenance team credit, they do a nice job.