Chris & Karen's Vacation
2002/12/24, Coson Bay, Dominican Republic


We would like to extend our sincere thanks to
the people that helped make our vacation possible:

Marianne and the staff of Ivy Buttrum Travel in Hamilton
When we first started getting this vacation ready, all I told Marianne was that I wanted to be sitting on a warm beach for both Christmas Day and New Year's day. Marianne handled everything; and a spectacular job of it she did. Thanks very much!
Gerrard, our on-site Sunquest representative
We had many questions and Gerrand had all the answers. When we wanted to know where to go or what to do, he had all the information. Thanks for all the pointers!
John at Alliance Computers in Hamilton
In order to go on vacation, I needed to ensure that my business customers would be taken care of. John accepted all my service calls and did a terrific job. I received many thanks and compliments about him from my customers. Thank-you John!
Chris' parents, Gerald and Mary
You can't go away without luggage, and we had none. My parents helped out with that. It's a good thing too, 'cause it wouldn't all fit in my backpack. Thanks for the stuff!
Karen's parents, Joe and Gail
Someone had to take care of the pets while we were away, so they took them in. Thanks for giving our pets a home away from home!
Our friends, Julius and Cindy
Julius and Cindy took care of one of our vehicles, and made sure that my file server stayed on-line while we were away. Thanks for keeping the lights on!