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Welcome to my camera preview pages. You'll get to see the pictures that I have recently taken with my digital camera. I don't know how often this section will get updated, but chances are that it will change from time to time.

**Please note**, that each picture below is a group of pictures. Click on a small picture to see the full set, or to make a picture larger. Basically if the picture doesn't fill your screen, click on it to make it bigger. To come back here, just hit the "Back" button in your browser.

2002/04/09 (YMD)
Having the camera back from repair made me want to use it. So, here's some sorta-nothing shots that I just snapped, 'cause.
2002/04/10 (YMD)
Well, it's the first really nice day of the year. And what did I do today? Why, took pictures of course.
2002/04/11 (YMD)
Back to the same park to replace a lost original photo. This one should do nicely. I took a few more on the way back home.
2002/04/12 (YMD)
Let's have a look at my computer room. All of my fellow geek friends will appreciate the techie nostalgia.
2002/04/13 (YMD)
A little more of my guided tour of the place. Just a few of the tools I use everyday, and some almost never.
2002/04/15 (YMD)
Going on a trip out to my parents place, where I grew up, near Tillsonburg, Ontario.
2002/04/23 (YMD)
There are only a couple of pictures here today. I just happened to snap them while I was out driving.
2002/04/29 (YMD)
My job took me downtown Hamilton today, and up into one of the taller business buildings.
2002/05/27 (YMD)
One of the less-travelled roads in the Ancaster area is Sulphur Springs Road.
2002/06/03 (YMD)
Here are some shots I snapped of Devil's Punch Bowl Park, at twilight.
2002/06/19 (YMD)
I found this nice little spot while I was out in the Oakville area, on my way to work.
2002/07/30 (YMD)
The things you see when you're out driving. Sheesh. This was a good laugh.
2002/07/31 (YMD)
Crewing on a friend's boat. Let me tell ya, it's a lot fun.
2002/08/02 (YMD)
Just out being lazy today. Here are some pictures of Webster's Falls in Dundas, Ontario.
2002/08/09 (YMD)
Just out for a drive tonight to see what's around. Cows in the city?.
2002/11/17 (YMD)
Today, I have decided to share a personal opinion of mine with you all. Winter should be banned except in a few remote vacation spots.
2003/04/04 (YMD)
And here is some further proof that winter should just be banned except for (and I do mean *maybe except for) a few select skiing areas.
2003/04/07 (YMD)
She must be mad at me. Oh my, I've upset the evil Mother Nature. I should have known she would retaliate.
2009/12/21 (YMD)
Our celebration of Christmas by light.
This is where I put pictures that I am still working on.

Well, that's it for the preview. When I take some more pics, I'll add them to these pages. ...or at least that's the idea right now. Smiles from Chris.