Chris 'n' Karen
House Pictures

2004/09/05 (YMD)
As of September 4th, 2004 we now have our first house. Here are the "before" pictures taken on the 5th.

2004/12/06 (YMD)
...and Chris said "Open sesame" and the front of the shed opened up unto him, and the side door was no more.

2005/01/09 (YMD)
Here we have added some household items to make life a little easier.

2005/01/23 (YMD)
Don't you just love snow? I don't. Here's why.

2006/05/24 (YMD)
At long last, the messy tree gets it.

2006/06/16 (YMD)
Serving the suburban interior.

2007/02/14 (YMD)
Did someone say we might not get any snow this year? Well pack your parka, it came, and it bought lots of friends.