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Welcome to the home page of Alysium.

I used to play in a rock 'n' roll band called Alysium. The name comes from the french word "Elysium" which means: "A place of eternal happiness." Our drummer came up with the idea, but misspelled it as "Alysium" and ... it stuck.

There were 4 members of Alysium:
Bruce - lead guitar and lead vocals
Christien - keyboards and backup vocals
Joel - drums and percussion
Chris (me) - tenor saxophone and (sometimes) third vocals.
... and every once in a while, we supplemented the group with a guest singer.

Bruce and Joel did most of the creative work on the original songs. It seemed that wherever we played, people loved our sound.

Our band was relatively short lived - about 2 years. We formed the group in February of 1996. For about a year, we just jammed and practiced together. It wasn't until July of 1997 that we started playing professionally. We put together four of our own original songs, and played a wide range of cover tunes.

Finally, in April of 1999, the band split up because of creative differences - as most groups do.

Listed below are the tracks we released on our first (and only) CD album. Just click on the icon to download an MP3 audio file, and listen...

Old Time Rock 'n' Roll
(c) Bob Seger
Performed by Alysium
Love Is...
(c) Alysium
Performed by Alysium
Tears Of Your Eyes
(c) Alysium
Performed by Alysium
Reflection In The Mirror
(c) Alysium
Performed by Alysium
(c) Alysium
Performed by Alysium
Born To Be Wild
(c) Steppenwolf
Performed by Alysium

Well, it was a fun time in my life and I had a blast playing the sax with the group. Even though the band has since gone our separate ways, I'm proud of the work we accomplished. I hope you enjoyed reading about us and listening to our music.